UIUC Public GPA Dataset Exploration with Shiny

Last year, I thought it would be a good idea to dig through the GPA data set available from here. I started building a Shiny app that lets the user explore certain aspects of the data. Now, it’s almost been a year and I haven’t got the chance and the will to work on it until now. I made it really simple so that I can quickly move on to other topics instead of dragging this on for another year with an unfinished product.

The app is very simple: you can just choose a Subject, Course Number, and (optionally) Instructors to compare, and the app will display two graphs. One compares average GPA for each class and another compares the % of A’s received for that course. From these graphs, you’ll be able to compare each instructor’s difficulty as well as change in difficulty over time.

If the app is not running, it’s most likely because I’m using a free shinyapps.io account and my account’s server has reached its monthly quota in its running time. You can always get the source code for the shiny app and run it yourself, which is available in my github page. The app itself is published here.

Have fun!

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